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Naturopathic Primary Care


Naturopathic physicians (ND) are an increasingly integral part of the primary care workforce in several US states, including Oregon and Washington [1-3]. Research shows that naturopathic physicians are effective at treating some of the most common conditions seen by primary care providers, including cardiovascular disease [4], mental health [5,6], diabetes [7], urinary tract infection [8], and back pain [9]. Furthermore, complementary and integrative health is popular in the Pacific Northwest but is mostly self-administered rather than delivered by trained professionals [10].

NDs are trained in holistic primary care through a standardized four-year graduate curriculum similar to conventional physicians (MD/DO). Naturopathic medicine is characterized by its emphasis on the Whole Person and its “therapeutic order,” an approach to patient care that aims to maximize benefit while reducing side effects and secondary harm. Naturopathic medicine prioritizes non-drug methods such as lifestyle, stress management, diet, and natural substances, but also includes medication, minor surgery, and referrals for specialty care when needed.


Naturopathic medical students learn evidence-based medicine and critical appraisal of the scientific evidence for conventional and non-conventional treatment modalities [11,12]. Teaching clinic networks attached to the naturopathic schools in Oregon and Washington provide primary and complementary care to Medicaid recipients and the uninsured with a high level of patient satisfaction [13].


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